Visualize justice.


What we do

The Graphic Advocacy Project makes legal concepts accessible to everyone using visual communication. We partner with other social justice advocates to create customized graphic expressions of law that engage, inform, and mobilize.


Why graphic advocacy?

As social justice lawyers, we need to be able to explain legal concepts to non-lawyers. We have to teach the communities we serve about their legal rights. We have to win public support for legal reform. Our visions for a more just world rely on our ability to communicate.

Humans process visuals faster than text. Combining words with graphics increases our ability to comprehend and synthesize new information. Visuals engage us, motivate us, and stay with us long after we've seen them.

Social justice lawyers are communicators. Let's use the best tools we have.

Comics + Animations

Combine words and drawings to create a compelling visual narrative.

Typography + layout

Direct the reader to key points and deliver information in a clear, engaging way.

Data visualization

Represent data sets using interactive graphics.


Distill complex topics into powerful imagery.


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