Q. What is graphic advocacy?

A. Graphic advocacy is the act of promoting a particular position, cause, or policy using visual communication.


Q. Okay, so what do you mean by visual communication?

A. Visual communication is the expression of ideas and information in forms you can see: illustrations, typography, animations, infographics, and much more. Technically, this sentence is visual communication! Attorneys are typically adept at using one form of visual communication—text—but are not familiar with others. That's where GAP comes in.


Q. I work for a nonprofit/firm/law school. How can I learn more about working with GAP to make our social justice advocacy more effective?

A. Please send us an email. We would love to hear from you!


Q. How much does GAP charge for its services?

A. Since most of our clients are nonprofits, we use a sliding scale fee system to ensure that our services are affordable. For any given project, the fee will depend on both the nature of the services we are providing and the operating revenue of the client organization. If you would like to discuss a particular project, please contact us!